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General Language LinksCONLANG Listmembers' Languages
The Ethnologue, 14th edition
Richard Kennaway's Constructed Languages List
Open Directory - Constructed Languages
Linguistics Glossary
Numbers in Over 4500 Languages
The Language Construction Kit
Essays on Artificial Language Design
Essentialist Explanations
The Conlang Code
Unicode 3.1
The International Phonetic Association
Linguistic Olympics
The Core
Lingua Franca Nova Introduction
Virtual Verduria
Sylvia's Kelen
Saprutum Grammar
Introduction to Diom
Artificial Language Lab
Keloah's Constructed Languages
The Gevey Language Reference
Péripet'otia Crislyària - Kingdom of Shrislyaria
The Ugly Pages
Andrew Chaney's Conlang Page
Phalera: A Historical, Ethnographic, and Linguistic Description

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